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Panoramas on the map

How Yandex creates Panoramas streets

Journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg-Petrozavodsk highway was already covered, and now the route number 1 is Moscow-Piter.
It is convenient especially for those who plan to go, you can plan refueling along the way, navigate with the directions ...
And in general, to look, what for a line.


  1. - Company Yandex - How Yandex creates Street Panoramas.


Panoramas on Yandex.Maps.
Google started doing this before and they managed to cover more places on the map.
But the advantage of Yandex as cards. Let's say I watched Maidan on Yandex and Google. Obviously, Google has glued the car, and then placed, shoals on the face. Yandex gluing is not visible.

Another advantage:
At Google all persons, numbers of cars and advertizing on houses are covered. I wanted to find my way around the place before going to an unfamiliar city, but I saw only daub and our identical gray houses.
On Yandex, people's faces and car license plates have only recently begun to be covered, but not at home. Completely different impression.

That is, Yandex has its advantages, it is not reasonable not to use anything personal, you should use the advantages of any service.

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