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TOPIC: Do not forget in Christmas about a born Jesus
ACTORS: Birthday (main character), his friends - 4-6 people
REQUISITES: anything from food and drink, inflated balloons, gifts, a bucket
TIME: 7-10 minutes

The birthday girl wakes up in the morning in a joyful mood - his birthday came. He looks forward to great fun, waiting for gifts, etc. The birthday party leaves the house to take out the garbage. At this time, friends come to his apartment. They begin to have fun: hang balloons, turn on music, run, jump, drink Coke, and so on.

The birthday is returned. He has a trash can in his hands. The first guest meets him on the threshold and says that today it is impossible to work - a big holiday. The birthday party, as it were, observes his friends from outside, while they are doing things in his house that are incomprehensible to him:

  • Congratulate each other on his birthday (the birthday person is wondering who has a birthday, but what does he say, it's not important, the main thing is a holiday)  
  • include music that does not like the birthday person, although he and protest  
  • give each other gifts (birthday boy again bypass)  
  • they sing the song "Happy birthday to you" (but again not to the birthday boy, as he imagines in the beginning, going out into the middle of the room)  
  • They talk about the fact that different wonders can take place on this holiday, etc.
In general, the guests behave as if they were masters in this house, as if they did not notice the birthday person. He, in the end, begins to resent and shout that he is the culprit of the celebration, that this is his birthday. But the guests tell him that there is no difference whose birthday, the main thing is that they are having fun, and if the birthday person does not like, then he can just get out of here. They kick him out of the house.

Birthday is on stage alone, he suffers, he is hurt and besides everything is completely incomprehensible. A girl comes up to him and says: "Happy birthday!" He gratefully thanks her and tells him what has just happened to him.The birthday girl asks if the girl does not know what the matter is, then the girl replies that this is all specifically done for In order to show all the audience in the hall how people sometimes forget about the born Jesus in Christmas and switch their ATTENTION to extraneous things.

The birthday party can ask viewers the following question: "Which of you would like to have such a birthday?"


Author Dina Nason