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Rather, it's a sketch, rather than a game, but it takes place with the participation of the audience. Probably most readers have known this rally for a long time, but here's how they conducted it in the church "Transfiguration", Kiev.

Zest: the highlight of this sketch is in a properly made saucepan. To do this, you need to find the right saucepan and bowl. The bowl should be of such size that when you put it in a pan, it lay on the edges for the lid and did not fall down. You can not use a bowl with a larger diameter, otherwise its edges will protrude above the pan and the idea will fail. Fill half the pan with serpentine (sliced ​​colored paper), and insert a bowl into it. Thanks to the bowl the pan will be divided into two parts. Experiment on how you will pull out the "bowl" filled with the "nuclear" mixture from the pan.

In the middle of the room, somewhere on the dais with a backrest to the audience is a chair. This chair needs to be shown demonstratively in the hall, demonstrating that there is nothing on it. This is very important, otherwise the audience will think that you will change the pots. When the guys enter the hall, let someone hang their jacket on the back of the chair. It is behind this screen we will pull the bowl out of the saucepan.

The room includes 3 guys and talks about how the day went in the institute, what lessons they asked, what plans for the evening. It turns out that two of them leave at night for a date and only a "bachelor" against dating and marriage. Two others are trying to convince him that the mothers of their girls are very hospitable and will certainly feed poor hungry students. But the ardent "bachelor" says that he himself will be able to cook yummy. The other two laugh and, while leaving, wish him luck.

A bachelor is taken to prepare food. Here the main role is played by a "cunning" saucepan. The bachelor takes a book about "tasty and healthy food", puts the saucepan on a VISION place and starts to cook "green borsch". He is given to the power of his feelings and begins to throw everything into the soup (bowl). He can green the soup with greens, fill it with water, cut potatoes into it, pour ketchup, salt and, of course, pepper. After he seasoned the soup, he puts it on the stove (jacket closed with a jacket). Allegedly kindles a fire under the chair and begins to cook. After some time, the other two guys come back to the gym, who pin up the third, asking if his soup is ready. He, allegedly interfering with the soup, (on fact he imperceptibly pulls out a bowl from a saucepan and puts it right there, next to a saucepan), says that the soup is almost ready. Let this young chef scoop a mixture of the scooped bowl and, lifting the spoon up, pour out the "nuclear liquid" from the height back into the bowl. After removing the serpentine-filled saucepan from the stove and leaving the bowl on the stool, the "bachelor" puts the pan in that prominent place. Satisfied with his cooking, he goes for a spoon. At this time, the other two open the lid of the pan and begin to peer into it. When a bachelor brings a spoon, one of the guys has already removed the lid and is about to sniff the smell of soup. Sniffing the smell of soup, he must croak very much, shrink and with the words: "I do not know about you, but we will not eat this soup!", Turn sharply and "pour" the soup (serpentine) into the crowd of spectators.

P.s. Be careful! During the show of the denouement scenes at our club, the young people, escaping from the "flow" of the soup, jumped over the benches on which they sat.

Church of the Transfiguration, Ukraine, Kiev


Four volunteers are chosen. It is announced that now there will be a competition for eating bananas for a while with their eyes closed. Each one is given one banana. When one's eyes are already tied, the rest are quietly released. Those. He eats this banana one. The best thing is to shoot it on the camcorder.


It is necessary that the audience exactly repeat what the host suggests.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Imagine that you are in a beautiful garden. Around the green trees, gurgling fountains, birds sing ...
  • You see a beautiful rose before you. You want to see her more closely. You go down on one knee.
  • And here it is in front of you. She is so beautiful. You gently stretch out your hand to her, so as not to get hurt about spikes ...
  • Oh! That this, in her cup, a drop of dew froze, you so want to slip it off (you need them to stick out their tongue:)


All guests are in a circle and put their hands on each other's shoulders. Leading everyone in the ear says "duck" or "goose" (scatter, "duck" say more players). Then he explains the rules of the game: "If I say now:" Goose "- then all the players I called so press one leg, and if the" Duck ", the players that I called" Duck ", press both legs." Kucha-mala you are guaranteed.

14. GIFT

In the room where the holiday will take place, put a small box on a high (above human growth) place, for example, on the cabinet. The box should have an opening top and there should not be a bottom. Outside, paste a bright, from far away noticeable inscription "a gift for the boldest" and fill a box of confetti. The guest enters the room, sees a box with a defiant name and what does? Of course, he removes it from the cabinet. A box is without a bottom!

13. ROPE

It is necessary that the majority of those gathered before that did not play the game. In an empty room, a long rope is taken, and a labyrinth is stretched so that a person, passing, somewhere crouched, somewhere overstepped. Inviting the next player from the next room, he is explained that he must pass through this labyrinth with a blindfold, before remembering the location of the rope. The audience will prompt him. When the player is blindfolded, the rope is removed. The player goes on a journey, stepping over and climbing under a non-existent rope. The spectators are asked in advance not to reveal the secret of the game.

12. ZOO

This game is a rally, but none of the players should know that they play it. For the game you need at least 12 people. All become in a circle. In the center of the circle is the leader. All players hold each other under their elbows. The host begins the game with the following words. "Now we will play a game called" Zoo. "To each of you, I'll whisper the name of an animal that you do not need to tell anyone, then when everyone gets the name of the animals, I'll call them in my story If you suddenly get the name of the animal that someone has received, then this player must immediately sit down and drag along with the two neighboring players, Which he now holds under the elbows. The task of these neighboring players is to keep him in time. Is it clear? "

Then the presenter approaches each and whispers in his ear the same thing, for example, "hippo". But each player thinks that the name of this animal is only with him. When the presenter gives out the names, he must pretend that he thinks up every time a new one, scratch his head, say: "What can I think of for you?" Etc.

Then, when he gives out the names of the animals to everyone, he begins his story. It sounds like this: "Yesterday I went to the zoo I pass by one cage, and there sits ... an elephant." At the same time everything is tense, but no one has sat down. "I go further in another enclosure ... a fox." I looked On her and I see directly in front of her is a huge HYPOPOTA! - at this time, every player hearing a word that was said in the ear "just to him alone" sharply squats.
It turns out that the whole circle falls.
The drawing was a success!


It takes 10 to 30 people. Two or three people leave the room, and all the others stand in a circle and hold hands. In the center of the circle is the leader. Behind him to the collar clings clothespin with a rope, at the end of which is tied a whistle.

Call out the players one by one. The player enters the circle and the facilitator explains to him that someone standing in the circle has a whistle in which he will whistle and can pass along to the person behind him. The task of this player is to quickly react to the whistle and find a whistle, while he has the right to demand that the hands of the person who is suspected be shown.

The game begins. Leading all the time in a circle, supposedly in order to help the guessing and monitor the progress of the game. In fact, he does it for another purpose. He approaches cautiously towards those standing in the circle, turns his back on them, and they whistle imperceptibly into the whistle. Leading constantly moves around in circles, and those standing all the time whistling. The game is played until the guessing player finds a whistle.


For this drawing you need 10-30 people and about 10 wristwatches.
The leader calls the most daring of the company. Then he asks those present to hand over his watch, and then he puts them on the floor in a row. Then he explains to the "bravest" that his task is to go blindfolded between the hours, so as not to step on them. While he is blindfolded, all the watches are removed. As a result, the "daredevil" follows the clean floor, and everyone around him advises him where to put his foot, intimidating that he is about to crush the clock. When the path is passed, the winner is congratulated and untied, and he is convinced that he was walking on an absolutely clean floor.


Three or four people leave the hall. The leader of each of them separately calls an animal, which they must depict in a pantomime so that the audience guessed. For example, a kangaroo. Go one by one and start showing.

The draw is that viewers know what the animal is meant for and intentionally do not want to guess, calling it not at all what is needed (in this case - rabbit, rabbit, grasshopper, etc.). The game ends when the person depicting the animal is completely exhausted. He is informed that he was played.


For this rally, you need to choose a person who voluntarily agrees to go to the "tomb of the pharaoh". It is best to do this in a large unfamiliar apartment or camp. The volunteer is blindfolded. The facilitator helps him to walk, holding his right arm in the wrist area. He directs a volunteer unit to various objects that meet in their path: wet walls (you can smear a piece of cardboard with something sticky and attach it to the wall, and poke a volunteer's hand into this place), hanging web (manifest a fantasy that can replace it), They pass the room of rats (those who wish can scratch the volunteer by the feet), etc.

Finally they reach the "Pharaoh" himself. Pharaoh also represents someone from the audience. His role is to turn into a sheet, lie on the bed and do not move. The leader leads a volunteer to the "pharaoh" and leads him with the index finger on various parts of the body of the "mummy", saying: "This is the foot of the pharaoh, this is his hand, this is his face." Of course, the volunteer understands that before him is a living person, and this will only strengthen the effect. Because at the very end, the leader, taking the index finger of the volunteer, "sharply sticks it into a rotten apple, saying:" And this is his eye! "The apple should be kept by someone from the eyes near the eye of the" pharaoh. "The effect is stunning!


Write this assignment on the leaflets. Call 4-7 volunteers who agree to do everything that is written here. Say that the winner is the one who does it all faster.

Read the tasks:

  • count how many people are in the room, and loudly shout a number
  • jump 10 times
  • go and hug a good friend
  • three times
  • Speak out Russian alphabet
  • close your eyes and turn 360 degrees
If you carefully read the assignment, sit down and sit quietly.

Do you understand the rally? It was necessary to read only !!!


The company declares that now everyone will play one very funny game. All should stand in a circle, sit down and put their hands on the floor. Then the presenter asks everyone to repeat the phrase in turn: I (the name of the person) do not know how to play this game. When everyone says these words, the leader rises, shakes himself off, and says, "Then why are you sitting here?"


A man is asked to hold a match on his forehead. Try to stick it on the forehead, it's not difficult to do it. After a few grimaces, the match falls easily. The draw is that a person is told that two matches have been stuck on his forehead, but in fact, one, this match falls easily, but the poor victim thinks that there is another one and strenuously moves the muscles of the face, and others encourage him and give him Different tips, how best to throw off a match from the forehead. In the end, the poor man can be offered to look in the mirror, they say, it will be easier that way, but you can suggest using your hand.


For the game you need two or more volunteers (but not less spectators) and one presenter. The latter places the players on the floor in Turkish and throws a blanket or blanket over everyone's shoulders, demanding that they wrap up in such a way that nothing can be seen except the head. Then each player is given a condition to remove the thing most unnecessary for him in this position, and lay it on the floor. As a rule, they begin with hours, and only then ... Rarely do they quickly discard the blanket. The prize can be given to the most ingenious.

Submitted by: Charlotta Velira


Caution! This rally is not for sensitive ones!

There are two chairs on the stage. Called two volunteers, who are invited to blindfold to find and sit on his chair (who is faster). The drawing consists in this: while the volunteers are blindfolded and untwisted, the presenter puts two sponges, moistened with water, on the chairs. Look at the reaction of a person who has sat on such a chair.

Sent by Sergey Litvin


This rally game is called "The Adams Family", with the television series, in general, nothing in common. The bottom line is this: Everyone who has never played this game is chased out the doors and subsequently launched one by one into the room. There are already leading + new members of the "family". All simultaneously begin to clap their hands rhythmically and talk in time with the claps "We are the Adams family! In order to become a member of our family you must make us applaud !!!" Then everyone drops their hands and looks at the "challenger" expectantly. The bottom line is that they must repeat ABSOLUTELY all the words and movements that it will do and say. It's easy to guess that in order to make everyone applaud, you just need to clap your hands. But it does not reach a person right away. And even more fun, if he guesses what needs to be done and understands that everyone has to repeat everything after him. (One brother forced, for example, all push-ups). Here's a game.

Sent by Sergey Litvin


On the year before last, we played the game. Has passed very well. Because it can only be played once, I want to share it with the rest.

In the beginning, the facilitator makes an introduction about what real friendship is. That a friend in need will not give up, that he will help, intercede, he will not be afraid to get his hands dirty, if you need to extend a helping hand, etc. Then the presenter asks if there are people in the hall who have many friends. Since there were more than 100 people in the hall, of course, they were found. There are two who want to play and show how many friends they have. They go out, and the host announces the rules of the game. Now I'll give each of you a piece in hand that you must pass on to your friend, and a friend must pass it to your friend and so on. The winner is the one who in a short time will be able to pass the object through more hands. The leader asks them to stretch out their arms and fold their hands (this is mandatory). Players agree and then the facilitator and assistant open the hidden objects and break them into the hands of the raw egg.

The commotion in the hall rises huge. Real and fake friends are immediately apparent. And among the New Year's Eve, everyone is encouraged by the running and subsequent collective washing of hands.

Sent by: Lena. Zaporozhye Baptist Church

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