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Topical sites


  1. - Sports newspaper
  2. - Rambler-Sport - A news project that provides readers with access to materials on sports and sports related topics ...
  3. - Sport online edition - Reports from all significant sporting events, interviews with famous athletes, comments of specialists.
  4. - Sport Express - The most popular daily sports newspaper.

Leading auto show Runet.
We go in, register, if we have an account on Yandex, registration will be much simpler. There is a garage where we can add our car or cars.

Site Opportunities

  1. buy, sell a used car,
  2. buy a new car,
  3. buy, sell spare parts,
  4. find an auto service with a filter (you need any, and One that will do the required repair or maintenance):
    1. transmission repair,
    2. chassis repair,
    3. electrical repair,
    4. body repair,
    5. brake repair,
    6. exhaust repair Systems,
    7. air conditioner repair,
    8. tuning and after-consuming equipment,
    9. engine repair,
    10. diagnostics.
  5. find tire fitting, car wash,
  6. car brands forums.

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The site can be of interest to car owners who are interested in what happens in the car industry. RBC has channels for receiving news, so the site is interesting and authoritative.

The site can be useful to those who want to pick up a car for purchase, here test drives, club, reviews, novelties. You can immediately buy a used car.

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Autoworld on

Car News.
There are 2 sections here:
  • Main - news obtained from news sites.
  • Company News - news and press releases are provided by companies on conditions of advertising. does not edit the content of this section, does not filter it, and is not responsible for the content.
News are presented by date of publication, you can select news by calendar.


Stories about the history of creation, models and modifications of UAZ cars, advice on choosing and buying.