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The Onion

American agency of satirical news.
Beginning with satirical articles on Internet, then it began to print and has a circulation of about half a million, the site appeared satirical of course, audio and video clips.
The agency comments on the events, even if they did not happen.
Parody of the usual newspapers.



The site generates comic news.


Information and entertainment site with interesting news and funny pictures.

Photo jokes, video jokes, collections of funny pictures, fresh jokes, photos of celebrities, the most interesting news, entertaining top-10 and always a large portion of good mood.

News can be added only by registered users and journalists.


Owner: Google
address: Isle Of Man


As you can see from the title, this is Google written in reverse.
We go to the site and get a mirror image of the Google search engine.
But that's not all, as the site suggests to be faked over Google, you can go under water, connect a guitar,, Play a snake ...

address: Russia
Cool decoding of known abbreviations and abbreviations.

In our life, abbreviations of various frequently used concepts, names or phrases are commonly used.

However, it often happens that the interlocutor or the listener, and sometimes the speaker himself does not know how to decipher and what this or that abbreviation means.

In addition, there are such "generally accepted" abbreviations which are well known to everyone and few people already think about how this stands for.


Honest Slogans

Honest slogans or as it is now customary to say - slogans.
In fact, these are not honest slogans, but slogans with sarcasm.
Let's say you do not like a politician (he likes someone and he voted for it), but you can criticize him by changing his slogan from positive to negative.
Or you do not like some product.

The site of humor and good mood.

Fresh jokes, baby talk, photo funny and funny videos, caricatures and demotivators - choose to your taste and forget, at least for a while, about the boss - the tyrant, the evil teacher, about the failures of your favor