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Quotation Runet.
Curiosities, funny cases from Internet are collected.
The site is simple, not overloaded, the text of jokes and all. You can choose new, random, or Abyss (in a random order, see the quotes added by visitors to the site, but not yet reviewed by moderators). You can add your own.

Aphorisms are collected on the site, you can participate and add your own.
The site is easy, that's right, then the main thing is text.

For example:

Life is very strange arranged. To get out of the well, you need to fall into it. (Victor Pelevin)

The main thing is not what proclaims or declares the law, but how it is realized. (Arthur Neman) (Unknown)

A reliable friend, less often a white crow (Andrey Godyna)

I felt hungry. A little emotion. After one piece of bread noticeably weakens. (Yuri Tatarkin).

You can choose the best or aphorism of the month. There are jokes and something else, but these are attendant.

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Quotes and sayings

In style, probably the most decent of those presented on this page.
I like sites that look nice and accurate, but only when the content matches the form.
Here with this everything is fine - quotes and aphorisms, nothing more.
Just look, see a random quote, the best, on topics, we can add.