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There are volunteers abroad for those who want to see the world, learn a language or gain experience abroad.

The fact is that once opened vacancies for regular jobs (with real wages and experience) in international organizations, such as the UN. Then there is a lot of people who want. But the preference is given to those who have experience in volunteering.

So this is a good opportunity to find a job abroad. After all, in most cases with our education there is nothing to do.


Volunteering through the journey.

Search system for international tourist programs.
Here you will find everything you need to travel abroad - from thousands of program opportunities with real participant feedback, to expert articles and travel scholarships.
As you circle the world, dream about your abilities and buckle up to plan your own adventure, GoAbroad will help you cover every step of the way.

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Choose the kind of adventure you would like to have - there are 11 program directories for you to choose from.
Click on the Choose Experience" button at the top of the site to navigate between directories, or click on a directory below that is of interest to you.


You can choose a proven and true destination, a hot spot, or a place you have always wanted to explore.
No matter what you decide, just ask online consultants if you want insider advice on choosing the best program for you.

Select a program

Click on the individual program to learn more and read the highlights of the program, its requirements and features to decide if it suits you.
Read reviews and interviews about each program to also get insider advice on real-world experience with the program.


The last and most important step - to go abroad!
As soon as you choose the best meaningful travel program, you will be on your flight abroad.But do not worry, they will help you with travel tips.

Volunteer World

This happens hundreds of times a month - the volunteer sends an application for participation in the project. But each application is unique.

On the site, people know what you want and what you will face, so they know how to help make your application as simple and safe as possible.

Employees connect projects and volunteers to make cooperation a mutually beneficial and responsible kind of activity.


Bringing people together.
Everyone should have a chance to change something.
The goal is to facilitate the connection between good people and good deeds.
Millions of people have already found great places to volunteer and have helped tens of thousands of organizations.


Non-profit voluntary organization, which aims to help build a world in which all people can lead free and dignified lives.

For the last 25 years they have been

  • connected more than 130,000 organizations with tens of millions of people:
  • placed about one million jobs and hundreds of thousands of internships and volunteer opportunities;
  • organized more than 250 exhibitions for postgraduate students;
  • and created a postgraduate directory to help people advance in their social careers.

Describe to me

The project is dedicated to creating verbal descriptions of various images for blind people.Thanks to modern technology, the blind man has the opportunity to use the Internet.
Special programs on your computer and smartphone convert text from the screen into speech, but they are almost powerless if we are not looking at text but at a photo or video.
This is why our project appeared: to give blind people access to verbal descriptions of visual information that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

Volunteers at the request of blind people create descriptions of various video clips, greeting cards, paintings and much more. Descriptions are sent to customers, and the most interesting are published on our site.


  • Read descriptions of images that are regularly published on the site;
  • Find descriptions of interest through search or in categories;
  • Share links to your favorite descriptions in messengers and social networks;
  • Send images you would like to see in your email to project volunteers.

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Be My Eyes

Sight is rented.
Volunteers are registered, at one moment one blind person turns to one of the sighted volunteers.
A blind person shows a picture or a broadcast of what is around, and a sighted person describes what he sees.
So he lends Eyes or becomes the eyes of another person.

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