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A document issued by the shop with a list of purchased goods.
If you plan to visit Finland in six months, it will be more profitable for you to take the Invoice, you will get a little more.

To receive money on an invoice it is possible only in the same shop. For example, if you took an invoice at a Prisma store in Rovaniemi, then you can not get money at a Prisma store in another city.

However, if your friends go there, they can get it.

Power of Attorney

It happens that you took the Invoice, and again to visit Finland six months later did not work. Then it just disappears.

In this case, you can ask friends or acquaintances to get it for you. Surely they will go to the same city and go to the same store.

Here you just need to find out the terms of the store. We will tell in Prisma any person can receive for you an Invoice, to give a paper Invoice.
Some shops require a passport of the invoice owner. Just give the person your passport.
And very rarely, who requires a power of attorney.

The same goes for Tax Free. You just need to know where in Finland it can be cashed. Depending on your route.