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In poor countries, a tourist becomes a source of income, they try to sell something or simply fool him, rob him.

In Egypt, Turkey ... in the hotel rooms there are safes, where you should store everything valuable.
In general, I recommend the first days of nowhere to especially not show up, do not walk around the city .... If you have not sunbathed, the locals know that you still have money and will pester you, you will be the target. Day after 3, you tan and will be of much less interest.

In Scandinavian countries in hotels there are no safes, they do not steal, you can safely leave money in the room, valuables. They have a well developed control system. In the changing rooms of the sauna, spa, swimming pools, one should not leave valuable things. They do not have lockers everywhere.

In Moscow I remember a group of Americans came, they left the metro on Arbatskaya, a flock of gypsies flew in, a year of 10-12. 5 seconds and at all pockets are turned out. And there was a couple of healthy men.

In such cases, it is important to divide the money into 2 parts so that after some event it will not be empty. In third world countries it is generally better to have a purse on a string on the neck. This is what Europeans do. And certainly not to keep a purse in the back pocket of your jeans.

Credit cards. As one of the head office of Sberbank rested in Guatemala. He had a lot of plastic cards, the most expensive ones. But for some reason in Guatemala, Sberbank cards do not work (the cards of our other banks work without problems).

It is necessary to punch through the Internet, whether such cards work in this country and how safe it is.

Such things should be pierced on the Internet, because we need fresh information, everything is changing so quickly.