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Many ideas or projects that can be successfully implemented in life and in a short time to get a positive financial result.

Small business starts with an idea.
But the idea may not always give the expected financial result, and therefore when introducing the selected project into reality, a plan or methodology should be developed.

If there are no business ideas yet, but you really want to try something, you can use ready-made ideas.

Business plans, ideas for business, business from scratch, instructions for opening specific types of business from practitioners.

A very useful resource especially for those in the tank.

There are interesting sections, such as franchises or equipment. We specify the scope of our business, for example, Fast Food, then choose Sandwiches, Ice Cream, Popcorn ... and we are offered equipment for this. We ask the price, we look at the dimensions, you can add, that is, pick up a collection of equipment.

Business ideas, business plans ...

Maybe not everything you need, but you will surely find something useful that you can learn from home by sitting at a computer and for free.


reliable site

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The site for those who want to start a business, but can not decide on the idea.

Here are analytical articles about marketing, management and business psychology.

Sections: business ideas, self-development, sales, internet marketing, loans, taxes ..


reliable site
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Electronic journal accountant and entrepreneur.

The database of documents, a forum, calculators, calendars, reference books, news ... regarding taxes, accounting ...

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Small business ideas for start-ups with minimal capital investment.

How to start a business from scratch - this topic is always relevant for start-up entrepreneurs, because it brings together a very wide range of issues, the main ones are: where to get money for starting a new business and how to choose the organizational and legal form of an enterprise and the type of taxation.

And maybe you still doubt what kind of business you better open? We offer you small business ideas and approximate calculation schemes for drawing up the financial part of a business plan.

Starting a business is impossible without a comprehensive business plan.

This is a very important stage, because it depends on it whether you will find an investor or not.

It is also necessary to delve into the issue of opening a new business: can it be more profitable to buy a franchise or a ready-made enterprise in your case than to start a business from scratch? And finally, the most important process is competent business management.

To cope with this, you need to understand a lot of the most diverse information.

On the site's pages, the authors consecrate questions about all kinds of real estate transactions and relationships with the bank.

The site has a lawyer-consultant.

1000 ideas

1000 ideas for business and advertising.

The largest collection of business ideas in Russia.

Thousands of unusual ideas for small businesses from around the world.
Thousands of ways to make your business unique.


Ideas for business

New business ideas for beginners and small businesses, medium and large businesses.

Here you can familiarize yourself with the entire list of promising new products of business and old current ideas for entrepreneurship.

The site presents free real, best, profitable, fresh and new business ideas of the year to open your small, medium and large, for example, your own family business, which actually work and are beneficial for a small city and a small settlement.

Here are current news and only profitable ideas for beginners and private businesses.
The collection was created to help small businesses in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
You do not know how to open a business? This portal will help you for free!


All about promising new business ideas around the world that you would like to think about.

Portal of versatile ideas from modern hammocks to levitation technologies.
Ideas, descriptions, links to cool offers that promise comfort to consumers, profits and satisfaction to businessmen.

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Business ideas for opening a business or developing existing projects.

Business ideas for starting a business, small business ideas (with minimal investment) and large ones, a lot of material for the emergence of their business ideas - examples of business plans, a directory of franchises, a forum - everything for those who start their own business.


Kraudfandingovaya platform, working on the principle of equity financing.

Here find each other an investor and a talented entrepreneur with a fresh and convincing idea.


Journal of entrepreneurs.
Foreign business ideas, stories of startups, store offers.

Survey articles offer descriptions of crisis situations, methods of “floating out” of them.

The portal is interesting to domestic businessmen, expanding the world.

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Business ideas from scratch.

New and proven business ideas from scratch, practical advice from experienced entrepreneurs how to start your own business without investments.

Experienced businessmen answer the questions of start-up entrepreneurs who share the secrets of their success, discuss realized projects and develop new business ideas from scratch.


Business ideas for small business.

If you want to learn how to start a business from scratch.

About all aspects of startup start-ups: from choosing a business idea and equipment for its implementation to describing the psychological problems that will be faced.

The site for initiative techies who want to introduce technology.
Descriptions of ideas, processes, equipment are collected in the proposed portal for catering facilities, construction, service.
There are offers for production, trade, entertainment.

On the site you can buy and sell business equipment.

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Catalog of business ideas.

More than 1890 business ideas with a detailed description, and new ones are added daily.
For your convenience, the catalog of ideas is divided into industry headings of business and entrepreneurship.
Also presented ar

Bis GiD

Materials on the activities at any stage of business.

The organization of any new business can be compared with a campaign for treasure in uncharted spaces.
On this difficult path of the entrepreneur, especially a beginner, lies in wait for many dangers.
In addition, it is very easy to go astray.
But as a result, you can receive not only substantial material remuneration, but also moral satisfaction.

Start a business - information that is absolutely necessary for any new entrepreneur.

Business ideas - ideas, both for starting a new business, and for developing and diversifying an already running business.

Business Management - materials for newcomers and experienced entrepreneurs.

Ready-made business - an announcement of a business for sale, or place an ad for the sale of a business.

Documents - it's not easy to keep track of the release of new contracts and other documents, on amending current legislation.

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Business idea

The best business ideas - all ideas that most start-up entrepreneurs are interested in can be found on the pages of our site.

The site is aimed at visitors who are interested in ideas for small and medium businesses.

Experience shows that the majority of business projects in Russia, and indeed in the entire post-Soviet space, are business projects that “migrated” from the West.
Full imitation of the Americans in Russia will not bring much success - we are not the people, the mentality is not that, the legislation is not that, the ways of implementing the idea are not the same.
But there are many times more golden hands and bright heads in our country.
Therefore, the site offers not only the very idea of ​​business, but also suggests how to implement it in Russia: what difficulties you may encounter, how to solve them, what you need to know to implement the chosen strategy and many more useful trifles.