Internet introduction

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Internet introduction

Are you new to the Internet?

Then this section is for you.
There is a minimum for start.

First of all, you need:

  1. software,
  2. Start email (email),
  3. and it's good to have a wallet in at least one of the payment systems of the Internet.

Are you not new to the Internet?

Then you have nothing to do in this section.
The same is only described in more detail in the following sections of our website.

step 2 - all the potential of the Internet

Description of the variety of web resources

Step 3 - Site Creation


step 4 - economy of Internet

1. Getting acquainted with the Internet

2. Enter the address of the site

3. Adding bookmarks to the sites

4. Installing the home page

5. Use the navigation keys

6. Looking for information on the Internet

7. Save files from Internet

8. Making an e-mail

9. We communicate through the Internet

10. Choose password