Skype video mail

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Skype video mail

Users can share short video messages, the feature is available to users on most Skype-enabled platforms, including Windows 8, Mac, iOS and Android.

Now, by clicking on the "Video message" button, a Skype user can record a video up to 3 minutes long and send it to anyone from his contact list, even if he is not in the Network at the moment.
The recipient will receive the message as soon as he enters Skype.

Before sending a video, you can view it and, if necessary, overwrite it.
The message will be available only to the recipient, company representatives emphasize.

Users of smartphones and tablets will be able to record video clips with both the front and back camera of the device, and also change the cameras directly during recording. In this case, unlike video service Vine, integrated into Twitter, video message in Skype can not be looped (make it constantly repeating).

The new Skype feature has a lot of limitations that can reduce its popularity among users.
For example, one video can not be sent to several recipients at once.
Users can not share audio messages, as well as video from the memory of a smartphone or tablet.
In addition, the user will not be able to save the posted audio on their device.
And, finally, sent video messages, unlike usual text messages in Skype, can not be canceled.