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FTP Setting

File Transfer Protocol
File Transfer Protocol. The technology that existed before the Web, for the transfer of files (of any type) via the Internet.

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There are many other free and paid programs, I do not recommend the most popular new paid programs. As a rule, they are overloaded with functions that you will never use. After all, we need something, upload files to our site.

In extreme cases, you can use a browser or a browser by typing ftp://login:password@host

FAR file manager


How to configure the FTP function in the Far program.
  1. Type ftp://login password@host
  2. Press Alt-F1 (or Alt-F2), select FTP. A list of ftp servers will be displayed in the address book. To make changes to the address book, press Shift and the values ​​of the keys F4, F8 will change.
Shift-F4 - Add a new URL to your address book.
Shift-F8 - Delete - delete.
F4 - edit the information in the address book.

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