Example of flows RSS

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Example of flows RSS

There are different ways, I will show one, the most common.
  1. We go to Yandex - news.yandex.ru and select the news channel that we need

Example of news list

Hi-Tech news.yandex.ru/computers.rss
Auto news.yandex.ru/auto.rss
Autosport news.yandex.ru/auto_racing.rss
Bascetball news.yandex.ru/basketball.rss
World news.yandex.ru/world.rss
  1. Download the RSS aggregator (RSS reader) Abilon and install to computer.
  2. Running Abilon, that's how it looks.

  1. We copy the address of the selected RSS news feed to news.yandex.ru,
  2. Insert in the field (1),
  3. In the left column, add the item (2), click it,
  4. In the central column there will be a list of news with a brief description, click the news that interested us (3),
  5. The bulk of the news appears in the right column (4).
  6. If you are interested, click on the link (5) and we have a new window (6),
  7. Go (6) and watch the news through the built-in browser.

All. And then navigate in the program and use the necessary for you convenience.

Usually a person has dozens of tapes and every dozen news, hundreds of news are obtained. How long does it take to see all this and find the right one, but everything is fast and simple. Save time and traffic.