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(Rich Site Summary)
A family of XML formats designed to describe news feeds, announcements of articles, changes in blogs, etc. Information from various sources, presented in RSS format, can be collected, processed and presented to the user in a convenient for him form of special aggregator programs.

In different versions, the abbreviation RSS had different transcripts:

  • Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.9x) enriched website summary
  • RDF Site Summary RSS 0.9 and 1.0) a summary of the site using the resource description infrastructure
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.x) Information retrieval.

Why do I need an RSS-subscription

  • It saves you time.
    Instead of visiting each site interesting to you and watching if something new has appeared, you press the button and immediately find out which sites from your list have been updated. Click on the name of the site in the list and get its tape. All tapes are shown in the same style. You can search for your feeds.
  • Good mood.
    Going to the site and not finding anything new there, you involuntarily feel that you've wasted your time. Another thing is to see that there are updates, and to view them when the right moment comes.
  • At the root it changes the way information is received.
    Instead of surfing or fishing for the right information, what you need comes to you. It's like your personal TV program, which you yourself make up.

How to read news via RSS

Aggregation programs.

They are simple enough and easy to master - more.
  1. Abilon - Free
  2. FeedDemon is paid.

Aggregation Sites

The same as the program-aggregator, only in On-Line mode. Plus, it does not tie you to a particular computer.

Subscribe via email.

You can receive news and notes by mail in separate folders. Convenience is that nothing extra needs to be installed, just set up.
After trying all this, I like Abilon more for its simplicity, functionality and speed. I also like it through the Thunderbird email program. Check the mail, check and news, all in one place, lacks speed, simplicity of Abilon and built-in browser. And with fast internet is better than Yandex.

RSS on the TV screen

There was an RSS reader developed specially for Windows Media Center.
Software Media Center RSS Reader is implemented as a plug-in for Windows Media Center Edition 2005 and Windows Vista.
Now any user who installed this program can, by connecting the computer to the TV, "watch" the RSS feeds directly on its screen or listen to Podcasts.