Parking in Finland

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Parking in Finland

First of all you need to buy or make a parking clock (parkkikiekko), such as in the picture below. They are at the customs house € 5. In shops in Finland usually € 2.
You need to put them on the windshield, indicating the start time of parking. As a rule, in shops free parking is 3 hours. In order not to forget, get an alarm clock or a reminder on your mobile.

parking clock - parkkikiekko

Also, as in Russia, one should not park there where the yellow line is on the right side of the road or there is a sign "Parking is prohibited".

The main difference with Russia is paid parking and private parking (near the house).
So, if there is no prohibiting sign, it does not mean that you can park.

Free parking

The letter "P" on a blue background.
The hotels, shopping centers, museums, restaurants ...

On weekdays from 19.00 to 9.00 and on weekends for the whole day parking on the streets is usually free. You can learn this from the device.
In the center of the capital of course paid always.

Free parking for a certain time

The sign of the letter "P" indicates the time.

The range of time you can leave the car - from 30 min. Up to 24 hours. On the parking clock the parking time is set, after which they are installed under the glass in a place visible from the outside.

Paid Parking

Usually on the streets parking is paid. There are automatic machines (which do not give change). We pay, take a check and place it under the windshield inside the car.

It is clear that underground parking (except for hypermarkets) is paid.
At the entrance we receive a check, indicating the time of entry. When picking up a car, we pay for the time spent in the machine.
Now you have 15 minutes to leave the parking lot.

The yellow marks are similar to the blue ones, only the time prohibiting parking is indicated on them. Sometimes blue and yellow are hung up together, everything is clear.
Sometimes the ban on night parking (in the afternoon it is possible), sometimes on the contrary.


Unlike our country, they have rules regarding parking, which makes the ride more convenient. Your parking is limited, but it's easier to park.

At night, paid parking is free.

I never paid. Pay those who have not enough rules.
The only thing when buying a hotel, we turn ATTENTION to provide free parking. Sometimes there is paid parking, but the hotel is cheap. Just turn ATTENTION and estimate the total cost.