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Portal 101.RU is more than just an Internet radio, it's a virtual radio city where you can find a radio station to your taste.


Here and on-air radio, like Avtoradio, Radio Energy, Radio Romantika, Humor FM, Like FM, Relax FM, Comedy radio, Baby Radio, Zenit Radio, Megapolis ...

There is a Gold Collection: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen, U2, Scorpions, Metallica, Deep Purple, Time Machine, DDT, Alice, Victor Tsoy and Group KINO, BG & Aquarium, Nautilus Pompilius, Chaif, Gorky Park, Michael Jackson, Elton John, ABBA, Boney M., Modern Talking, Muslim Magomaev, Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov, Vysotsky ...

There are simply radio executors, well, very many.

There are music, there is also a huge amount, m You can simply select new items, you can assemble your radio, the best one will be offered to everyone, eg: You can do it yourself Just good music ..., Music for the store, Russian wave, Russian Music, Romantic Collection on, Only hits, Chanson Gold, Alternative Rock, Russian Rock - favorites, Best Hits 80-90-х, Smooth Jazz Best, Beautiful Instrumental Music ...


You can just listen, like a radio, the selected stream, you can see the playlist, That played recently) and listen to something from it, or find a track. Say you chose the Elton John channel and you something inspired, you would like to listen to a certain song.

There is a search on the channels, because there are a lot of them, there is a leader of each thread, there is an opportunity to send comments, immediately bolted from VK.

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Judging by the name, we can assume that this is not just radio, but radio + Yandex search technologies.

If you want the usual radio, then you have nothing to do here. There are no leading, joke-jokes, just a stream of music. But ...

But if you like to listen to music and know what you need, just listen to it.
But if you do not know what you need.
Maybe you want something new, but that's horrible to you will not work.

We just set the style or mood and listen to music. In the meantime, the service studies your taste, based on the fact that you did not listen or liked, then will offer you something that you definitely like.
Just the service is not only studying you, it groups listeners, and if you and I like the same thing. Then he will offer you something that I liked and vice versa.

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Digitally Imported

Specializes in electronic and dance music of various types. By purchasing an inexpensive Premium account, you can listen to stations at higher bitrates.

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Amazing Tunes

We are looking for the desired artist or simply choose an existing channel. Provides a player that does not interfere with walking on Internet.

Radio Liberty

Independent non-profit media corporation funded by grants from the US Congress through the US Global Media Agency (USAGM).

By reason of this funding, the radio station is recognized in Russia as a foreign agent.

The very same radio station itself does not recognize the agent and positions itself as a champion of justice.

In fact, the radio station does not seek justice or accuracy of presentation of the material, but holds its clearly marked position. This is the opinion of a certain group of people. In many ways, fair and honest, but this is not the kind of journalism that should be, but another point of view.

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This service is very simple.

Step 1 - choose genre, for example, Jazz or Latin;
Step 2 - Subgenre, for example All That Jazz or Piano Jazz;
3rd step - enjoy music.

Clearly, it's all free.

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Radio from the authors of the legendary WinAmp.

It's all clear, we get right to the list of streams of the most popular stations.
On the left menu - on music styles. There is a search for stations or musicians.
We choose, listen, switch, there


Used: YouTube.
address: Germany


Online music player from YouTube, Soundcloud and
The player is simple and straightforward. Choose the n tags, according to the list, the Similar tracks button is especially interesting.

address: USA


Internet radio.

Select channels, for example Jazz then Fusion then Smooth Jazz and get to the channel where there is a list of artists.
Or eg. I asked the Beatles and started to play, and not only the songs of this artist, and others in this music zone (not only in this style), and I liked everything. There were songs and performers I know, and those I hear for the first time.

Free registration is required, but you can try it.
It's not just radio, but social radio, you see those who listen to the same thing. You can add your friends from the address book of Gmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, MS Outlook.

There is also information and photos of the artist.
Songs can be bought and downloaded, downloaded to a ringtone, read the text? See the history of their auditions.


National Public Radio.
It's not just a radio program: Today NPR offers everything from instant news coverage to smart podcasts for your device.

Sector radio

Hi-Fi internet radio in OGG-Vorbis format.
Electronic music, but there are not many channels, at the moment 7.


Russian - Englesh
address: Great Britain

Internet Radio

Free music from 40,000 radio stations. Themes, tags. Choose a topic and get a list of radio stations. In most cases, you can immediately play the playlist and listen, you do not need to go to another site anywhere.

Internet radio broadcasts dance and music in the style of techno. Has a good forum for fans.

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Hundreds of radio stations in one place. On the main page there are 5 main directions of the radio. We select and obtain specific channels. You can specify a search or select by tags.
The site itself is not a radio translator, it simply broadcasts radio from free Internet resources.
The main thing that the authors were trying to achieve was a simple form to search for the necessary stream.
Suitable especially for people like me. I want something new, but not that it's horrible.