Reverse side of porn

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Reverse side of porn

Well first of all, all long lost the illusion of a successful career of prostitutes, which appeared after watching the movie "Interdevochka."

It is clear that no one and never tried to be a prostitute. They are those who have not had a life or "made life".

Prostitutes on the streets only seem outspoken self-confident. In fact, they are notorious, insecure girls. All of them suffer from the cruelty of customers. One ex-girl told me: "No one likes to sleep with ten unwashed men every day." It is equally impossible to treat each client exactly, but the owners demand it. As a result, girls begin to split personality.

The problem is that there is no access to information. Girls are intimidated, do not know where to turn. From July to December 2006 in the Taganka district (Moscow) banners "Angel" hung: victims of sex trade were offered free and confidential talks with a specialist by phone. As a result, more than 2 thousand people applied. Many helped. Starting from the council, as with employment abroad, do not become a victim of sex trafficking, and ending with a free rehab center and help in initiating criminal cases. Since 2007, we have been denied the opportunity to hang free banners, and the number of calls became an order of magnitude smaller.

Why did we start with prostitution? Just here are the first porn stars. Order prostitutes and conduct a photo session.

How do they become porn stars?

Very small part became pornstars by their own will.
80% of prostitutes were trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation from other countries. In the porn industry this percentage is higher.
  • We must have something, but no work, except this one.
  • The girl is hooked on drugs, money is needed quickly.
  • If they encountered violence as a child, it's easier to start making money on it.
  • The seller is making a big shortage and is required to "work out."
  • Gastarbeiters in need.
  • The slave trade
  • Trafficking in Children

Why is porn?

This criminal business is the most punished.