How to delete the SMS bank

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How to delete the SMS bank

Ideal option

Install the system and write the image of the disk.
There was a problem and we write to disk the last image.
Result, for 10-30 minutes we have a guaranteed blank disc.

Turn off the banner

Free antivirus support

We inform the number of antiviruses and they will inform you the code. Another recommend is Call by the number 8-800-100-73-37, say that you are extorting money. They will give the code.
I have not tried it myself.
But it's not enough to shut down, you need to clean the system.

Clean the system


New Cureit from Dr.Web perfectly finds everything!
  1. Download Dr.Web CureIt !, saving the utility to your hard disk.
  2. Run the saved file for execution (double click on it with the left mouse button).
  3. Wait for the scan to finish and examine the verification report.
Dr.Web CureIt


Suitable especially if there is no Internet.

Internet Explorer
Service/browser/program properties/Add-ins


Looking for a file with a name that ends in Lib.dll
There can be several. Remember the name of the file (s) or write it down.

If you did not find the settings with the name *** lib, then simply turn off each one in turn. Any of the settings and there is a porn informer

Start/find/enter a name from the list and look for it, marking "Search in system folders".

Still it is possible most to look in (if system disk With: if another, it is simple to change the letter)

  • C:\WINDOWS\system32
  • C:\WINDOWS\temp
  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
You do not need to hide system folders.