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Make copies

The headline of one of the latest news: "Flickr accidentally deleted 4000 photos."

And if it's your photos?
And you do not have copies?
What then?
It's a pity.

A similar situation was with Gmail and other leading Internet services. No service is insured against this.
So, remember the 1st rule when working to computer:

Making Copies!


We start mail in 2 places and do forwarding in both directions.

We recommend that you post your email to Google and Yandex. Each has its own advantages. And registration and so it is required. We do redirection and we look at mail anywhere, using the advantages of the Wallpapers of services.

Redirecting Yandex.Mail

Copies of photos

I personally hold photos on Yandex. Photos, and copies to computer.
There simply is not another dimensionless photohosting.
But you can store photos on 2 different photohostings. Only then it will be necessary to load 2 times.

As for the photos, here is the other side of the coin. Look what you store. All that is on the Internet can become accessible to all.


The principle is simple. If you have something in a single copy - a matter of time, when you lose it forever.
You do not want?

Make copies!