Internet makes copies

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Internet makes copies

Social networks, photo hostings, video hostings ... provide a place to host or store your information, photo, video ...
I'm not talking about clouds.
You can choose the level of access: for everyone, for friends or even just for yourself.

But remember!

  • Any system fails,
  • hackers hack into accounts,
  • The human factor, insiders.
One absurdity and your pictures went to open access.


Uploading something to the Internet, we release a genie from a bottle

Now it is not under our control, in free swimming. We do not know how many copies there are ...

In short, if you do not want open access, do not ship to the Internet.

Photo and video

One friend once when I was young was photographed on the beach with my girlfriend. It's not NUDE, it's okay. Just pictures for your album and for your girlfriend's album. At the friend of the same mind is not present and she has placed these photos in VK, happily informing my acquaintance. She was in shock and asked to "remove immediately."

We are not talking about extremes, but about troubles. What kind of things it is better not to shoot at all. What for? Not you, so someone else can throw them into the net. Do you want this?

Nonsense by youth

All we do is stupidity by youth, just for fun.
It can be completely different things. Simply idiotic, nudity, harsh political statements.

Today, in the west, employers are punching workers when hiring through the Internet. There are special services that search for all information about a person on the Internet. Then the employer thinks, but does he need such an employee?