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Google considers everything, decided to count music - "I was counted".

Visual scale of popularity of musical styles depending on time.
If you click on any style of music, then we get a scale of this style with component directions. For example, if you press ROCK, we see that it consisted of CLASSIC ROCK, HEAVY ROCK ...

You can not only admire it, but also pick it up And buy it on Google play. Actually this is the service from Google Play.

Music Timeline


reliable site

Owner: BuzzFeed

address: USA


Music blog, which covers news and rumors in the world of independent and alternative music, publishes new songs and video clips.

In 2008, the site won the Plug Award for Best Music Blog.
The blog was included in the top ten best music sites according to Entertainment Weekly (2006).
In 2010, the blog was awarded the status of Official Honoree Award Webby" in the music category.
He was the organizer of several music collections, including Radiohead, R.E.M., Bjork and The Strokes tributes.

Hype Machine

Aggregator of the music blogosphere.
On the site you can learn and listen to the most popular music of the blogosphere by years and months from 2007.
And you can listen to something randomly.
Site in English, like music.

iTunes Android

address: Russia

Music widget

Map of music genres

Notifications about new albums of your favorite musicians by email, RSS.

  1. we go through the registration,
  2. choose favorite artists,
  3. give an email, which will receive information about the release of new songs of our performers.
But do not just wait for the message on the site a lot of interesting: reviews, comments, ratings ... even a map of styles.

Discography monitoring has been in progress since 2009, there are already more than 57 000 releases of different types (Album, EP, Single, Promo, Live, Compilation ...), all styles and directions.


The world's most comprehensive, detailed and accurate database of samples, cover songs and remixes, covering the entire history of music spanning over 1000 years and documenting all the fascinating musical connections along the way.

iTunes Android


Genius is the ultimate source of music knowledge, created by scholars like you who share facts and insights about the songs and artists they love.


On the site you can read interesting facts about your favorite songs.
Lyrics, song transfers, curious figures and dates.

address: USA


Music database online since 1991.

Information about music genres, musicians and bands, as well as information about album releases and professional reviews.
The authors of discographic descriptions, biographical essays about composers and performers, short abstract reviews of music works presented in the database are professional musicologists and critics with a total number of more than 900 people.

The largest music archive ~ 6 million compositions and a library of music album covers (over 500 000).