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Credit exchange WebMoney Transfer.

Take a loan

Here you can take a loan, risking your reputation. That is, you register, inform the loan amount, the repayment period and how much it will return from above.
Then wait, if someone will arrange these conditions, and also, if your reputation is not spoiled, you get a loan.

Give a loan

You can earn by giving loans.


There is always a risk. When you take money, it is not a fact that you can return them at the time, then you will get an unpleasant entry in your certificate, which you can not remove anymore.
In this case it will complicate your future life, you will not be willing to give loans, if at all, etc.
If you give money in debt, there is always a chance that you will not be returned, or Delay the return, which is also unpleasant.


The only grant is the certificate, the entries are positive or negative. Positive can friends write, but the negative ones say a lot.

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