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Used: Google maps.


Map of submarine cables around the world.
Just to see and it becomes clear why the sites of South America and China are so slow to load.


Used: Google maps.
address: USA

I was asked to help find how you can view detailed statistics on
Can someone also need help?

When I registered my subscription, in my first letter from was at the end the item:

Get detailed statistics (postal areas, formats, questionnaire, etc.) by subscribers,

Choose Build statistics.

Then we listen to the song, how tired we are with our views And the fact that today they have not considered anything new, so you can not even look.
Probably they do not know us. In other words, if you listen to everything, you will never see your statistics.
Click on this long link, people have tried.

And now we look Dynamics, Georafia, What other mailings are popular with your audience.
But they do not update this information regularly.

Like everything.

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