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A social service that combines the functions of two or more services. Many mashups are created using Google maps.
Most often, open APIs for these sources are used for this.
  1. - Hieroglif - link photos to the location.
  2. - Mother Jones: Nuke Facilities in the US - US nuclear facilities on map.
Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Wikipedia
Used: Google maps.


A collaboration project between Google and Wikipedia.
Google Maps is used, visitors can add information about objects. If the building is not marked with a rectangle, press the button for adding an object.

Predict that this site in the next five years will become one of the most popular sites of the entire Internet. The basis of this is the popularity of the Google Maps and Wikipedia sites.
The potential of the popularity of these two services is huge, just not everyone realizes it yet.



reliable site

Used: Google maps.

address: USA


A collection of all kinds of cards, created by card lovers around the world.
The site allows people to easily find relevant and interesting maps of still unknown places.
You can find and study maps by keywords, location, or simply by viewing the map.

There are tourist maps, ski tracks maps, college campus maps, national park maps, transport maps, amusement park maps, battlefield maps and ...

Have you ever wanted you to find the right maps for exploring and planning your trip before you go? With mappery you can find matching cards. Search maps by keyword, location, or simply by viewing an interactive map.



IFTTT - If This Then That is a mashup service that can combine various network applications into a single tool.

How it works?

  1. For which we will observe and select the event.
  2. Select the service in which the selected event should be displayed.
For example, an article marked with an asterisk in Google Reader is sent to your e-mail.

The links we have created are called recipes, you can invent your own, or you can use them created by someone.

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