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Owner: Atlassian
Used: WordPress.

address: USA, New York


A board for visual communication with the team.
This is a list of lists filled with cards used by your team or directly by you.

Drag cards between lists to see progress.
Add as many people as you want.
Add or replace the lists as convenient for you.

You will see everything about your project by simply looking at the board, and all the updates take place in real time.
There's nothing to configure and everything happens instantly.

Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box And OneDrive.
Add lists, tags, timelines and ...

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An intuitive tool for managing projects and tasks on Internet.
Each project has its own working panel, where we add columns with tasks. Columns can have the status: "In the queue", "In work", "Completed" as the project progresses.

There is a map of thoughts and much, I will not describe, just confuse you.
It is unlikely that everyone You will use it, but you will most likely have the necessary functions.

There is a free fare, but very limited, I would take it as a sampler.

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