Protection against fraud

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Protection against fraud

Letter of Assistance

To you can come letters about the following content, especially in this succeeded African countries:

"I have a difficult situation, they want to throw me, although I raised their entire firm, but I have a chance to save my money (several million dollars) by transferring them abroad, That is, to you.
But for this we need a real nonsense - 500 dollars. True, then it will be 5000, then 10,000, 50000.
And so on, until you run out of money or patience. "

Aware player Employer
Will be promised the golden mountains No one will pay extra money to an inordinate person, especially at the beginning, until trust is built. Have you ever heard of a probationary period? Serious money is offered only to high-level specialists.
You will hardly have to work You will be explained your real responsibilities and responsibilities
No one will ask you to confirm the qualification Request a copy of the work, diploma, resume ...
But first you have to pay No one will ask you for a penny
Email will be from a free mail service like and the like. There will be an email from the corporate site and plus all other contact details: phone number, address, website address, etc.
If there is a site, then on free hosting If a decent company offers you work through the Internet, then they have a decent site (that is, stylish design and work without failures) on paid hosting, For Russia site in the .RU zone. This site is known on the net and when you request it you will not get negative feedback.


By registering with WebMoney, you register your name, and not just receive an account. That is, if something is spoiled, you will not be able to create another account and start all over again.
Because scammers prefer to find simpletons, to promise mountains of gold for simple work, just to use your registration (your name) in WebMoney.

How to recognize scammers

In what form should a letter from a solid company come?
- on a letterhead with a stamp and a signature, but not on a scrap of paper with an illegible signature.
And what should an official letter look like on the Internet?
Can a firm that does business on the Internet not have a website? - Of course not, today even teenagers have their own sites.
And can a company having its own website not specify it in the official email-e? - Of course not, serious funds have been spent, serious work has been done on the presentation of the company and suddenly the company writes a letter explaining everything from scratch. Absurdity.

You can imagine that the store will send you a letter with the return address No, we expect an address like, and a letter from the free mail service is anonymous, since anyone can get this address and it does not give any guarantee that this is a store It can be anyone.


  1. If the official site of the company is not specified in email-e (and this can be by mistake, oversight and ...), just copy everything that after the dog (@), ex. If the return email is, then we copy and visit Here we find out whether this is really the company and what it does or is another site that offers free mail. The list of such sites is free mail, but it is constantly changing.
  2. If the site address is specified, then we visit it.
  3. The specified return email address. Mail and real return email address. Mail - not always the same. Therefore, try to send an email from their site, there you will know exactly, sent you a profitable offer someone from this site or a fraudster in the guise of the representative of this site.
  4. If some firm offers you to quickly issue a certificate of the seller. Just go to the site WebMoney and find out the procedure for obtaining a certificate. Nobody can give you a certificate, except for the official attestator. And no intermediaries. The mediator is only needed to intercept your passwords and codes, and then use your name.

Easy money

Of course, besides this there are pyramids, a casino ... What can I say? Do not mind - play.
You will be offered (if not already offered) to buy a software package that will gild you as well and gold them. Only when you do not buy them, they are upset, as if their whole life depends on this sale.

Let's take an example

As a rule, the left offers come with a teenage design, eg.

AFTER THE PROGRAM WAS ENDED, YOU WILL BE DELIVERED THE TABLE TO WHICH YOU NEED TO SPECIFY THE NUMBER OF YOUR WEBMONEY E-WALLET (CASE Z). Then click on the "OK" button and the money earned by you is instantly transferred to your WEBMONEY E-wallet.


To get started, you need to get the "IT-Money" program to work on your computer.    You will need to send to your WebMoney purse Z 158797150938 5 dollars.

What do we see?

  1. A lot of bold text.
  2. Different fonts.
  3. Color saturation
  4. Screaming big letters.
About the logo.

I'm a designer and because I know that the logo should talk about a lot. Here.

  1. Faceless logo, says nothing. A globe and a triangle, what is it?
  2. Poor copy quality.
  3. Most common fonts are used, and inept.
  4. The colors are chosen well, but the colors are not good
On our site there are domain logos, but look at least them and see a huge difference.

I have a logo order worth at least 3.000 rub. And I undertake it reluctantly. Logo is small, and it should be simple, intuitive, original and will appeal to the customer. Look at this treasure (I mean IT-MONEY).


IT-MONEY - what is this name, what kind of company is it?
Does anyone anywhere write PROFESSIONAL COMPANY?

Well, in addition, this friend is sitting on the free mail, they even have no e-mail on the domain. No words, professionals, not otherwise.

And most importantly, we already asked for $5.
Believe me, we have reached the point of "give money," turn back.