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We can have a lot of Sasha, Sergeyev, several cities with the same name in one country, but the address on the Internet is unique. In the west, everyone is perfectly aware of the registration rules for the name of the company, the newspaper ... There it will not be possible to use someone else's untwisted name, as it happens in our country. For example, we have many shops with the names "Field of Miracles", "Smack", etc. With the exact logo of these TV shows on the signboard.

The principle is this. If you sell cars and called the MUSTANG store, then you will be allowed to have this name in the west if there is no longer a store in your city called MUSTANG and if no one is involved in an automobile business named MUSTANG.
But if in another city there is a store called "MUSTANG" that sells goods for kids, you can open a store with that name.
The main thing is that you do not cross anywhere in business.

As for the Internet, then you can claim the domain as well and protect your brand.
For example, if someone had bought the domain name, except Coca-Cola, and demanded a tidy sum from the firm, Coca-Cola could easily get this domain through the court. In this case, the cybersquatter would have to provide a convincing reason for choosing this name. But if there is no reason, the site is not there, the desire to make money on a well-known brand.

But what if some firms claim this name? The law in this case does not protect your brand.
For example, there is a well-known computer firm Apple and no less famous studio Apple (property of the Beatles). I would have managed to grab the domain name earlier and make a trade on apples and they have no chances to sue anything. You can sing a song, saying it's such a convenient name for trading in apples and you do not want to lose it. After all, in normal life, brands do not overlap and you do not break anything.

It's also much easier to raise attendance with the names or and people use it to earn money on advertising.

The largest cybersquatters Runet:

  2. A. Krasotkin - 0.41%
  3. "International cooperation" - 0.35%
  4. Sergey Prokudin - 0.31%
  5. CJSC "Teyson" - 0.30%
  6. Orina Pshekhlinskaya - 0.18%
  7. Denis Gledenov - 0.17%
  8. Maxim Golubev - 0.15%
  9. Studio Art.Lebedeva Ltd. - 0.13%
  10. TeleRoss LLC - 0.12%
  11. OOO Megazin - 0.12%
  12. LLC "Sorix" - 0.11%
  13. Deluxe (V. Martirosov) - 0.10%
  14. Margarita LTD ( - 0.10%
  15. Morgan Stanley Inc. - 0.09%
  16. LLC Enter - 0.08%
  17. "Sports and Health Center" - 0.06%
  18. LLC "TBC" - 0.06%
  19. - 0.06%
  20. LLC "Cyril and Methodius" - 0.06%
  21. Yukos - 0.06%
  22. World of Services Ltd. - 0.05%
  23. Siberian Holding - 0.04%
  24. Public Relations & Promotions group - 0.04%
  25. ZAO "Radio-Ru" - 0.04%
  26. Almaz-Telecom LLC - 0.03%
  27. Netbridge LLC 0 .03%
  28. Port.RU LLC - 0.03%
  29. Nikolay Shilov - 0.03%
  30. A. Tislenko - 0.02%