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About logos

(from old greek λογος — word + τυρος — type)
The original outline of the full or abbreviated name of the organization or product. The logo is the verbal part of the trademark.
There are firms that specialize in this field. It's like laying the groundwork for a marketing strategy. The name should be euphonious (taking into account the linguistic and geographical specifics, ex. The successful title of Burda magazine is not very successful for Russia), original, fresh. There is a site that helps to come up with a website name in the style of web 2.0 (www.lightsphere.com/dev/web20.html).
The name is important in that it defines the logo, and the logo defines the style.

This is serious and proof - cybersquatting (purchase of domain names that are consonant with the names of well-known companies for resale purposes) and taipsquatting (Registration of domain names that are close to writing with the addresses of popular sites in the calculation of the error of some users).

Types of logos

  • Text, ex. Yandex, Google, Microsoft.
  • Sign, ex. Shell, Apple, Nike.
  • Brand block - text and a sign, ex. MTS, Beeline, Adidas.
If a company block is chosen, then there may be variants of the logo without text, ex. For the icon.

Color and shape

We do not have such a culture. For example. In my time, when I first came to Norway, I was surprised how much they are able to withstand the colors of the national flag, which can be seen almost everywhere. They use just such a red and just such a blue one (they are darker and more saturated than the usual red and blue ones).
In Russia to this day there is no exact definition of the color gamut of the flag. It's white, about blue and about red.

What for it is necessary? Come up with a color scheme and strictly withstand it? If we often see one and the same name on the advertisement, the same shape, the same color, then we quickly remember it. Then the logo works. Actually this is one of its main goal.

And of course, creating a logo, you need to get acquainted with the logos of competitors. For example. Store, selling cars, puts the logos of car companies on the store's advertising and the buyer sees the logos of the car dealers next, he compares them. Or Beeline, MTS and MegaFon are destined to be constantly in the neighborhood.

Logo format

Ideally, the logo is created in the raster graphics editor using vectors, if this is not possible, then in the vector graphics editor and then saved in EPS format. Thus, you can open the logo in any size without losing quality.