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Offline maps and open source navigator.
tourist information about facilities; using data from Open Street Maps (OSM) without Internet access.

Some of the main features of the application:

  • work with cards without Internet access (you will need to select and save the cards in your phone, the cards are very compact);
  • display additional information on the map, such as GPX or navigation routes, objects (POI), favorite locations, altitude lines, public transport stops; overlay additional maps with adjustable transparency;
  • addresses and objects (POIs) search without Internet access;
  • laying of routes;
  • car, bicycle, and pedestrian modes with capabilities: auto switch to day/night map drawing mode;
  • speed-dependent map scaling;
  • rotation of the map by compass or direction of travel;
  • use voice commands (played by recorded or generated voices) when navigating a route;
  • warnings about exceeding the allowed speed of movement;
  • navigation on public transport.

Category: Transport / On road

Tags: Auto Navigator Maps


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Service for creating and watching short videos.
This is a global video community. Here you can find cool short videos and share the highlights of your life with the world. Shoot original content with masks, filters and stickers.

Tape based on videos you like. TikTok adapts to your tastes and shows you the content you like.

Put millions of free tracks and interesting sounds on your videos.
Take your videos to the next level with 100+ free emodsies, a bunch of masks and betty effects.
Easy-to-use tools for creating and editing videos.
Regularly updated masks for live broadcast.

Category: Media / Video

Tags: Video