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Children's social networks

Experts recognized "VK" as the most dangerous social network for kids

LK experts (Kaspersky Lab) found that a child in a social network can view pornography, is not immune from communicating with pedophiles, can To be subjected to moral violence and intimidation, as well as to encounter fraudsters.

Experts of "LK" conducted a study of three Russian social networks: "VK", "Odnoclassniki" and "My World". During the one-week study, the experts found that a child at the age of 13 year in the social network "VK" on request "porn" is given a list of closed groups, but when you enter into the search query synonyms for this word, the child gets a list of open groups containing information on the requested topic, And can easily view it. In addition, the child is not immune from communicating with pedophiles in social networks, may be subjected to moral violence and intimidation, as well as encounter fraudsters.

In the social network "Odnoclassniki", upon request of "porn" and its synonyms, a list of private groups that can not be accessed becomes available to the child. In this social network, a teenager can only count on "easy eroticism". Communication with pedophiles in "Classmates" is kept to a minimum, and experts did not find any types of fraud in the network.

Analysis of the third social network - "My World" - showed that pornographic content in it is either absent or difficult to access. For a week of research, experts found that pedophiles - not frequent visitors to this social network, and phishing and fraud was not found.


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  2. - GameXP - Social network for video games.


Social network - the game.
There is a website, but this is an application on a smartphone.

How it works

Create your own 3D avatar: hair color, hairstyle, clothes ... There are a lot of options to make the avatar look very similar to you and be unique.
Then it will be possible to correct.

Usually try to make him look like himself, then it turns out more fun. But you can create some kind of image, which then live. The game is the same.

These avatars interact with each other. Friends will first need to be "folded."

Then we furnish our room. All this should be bought for a special currency. You are given an initial amount, which is enough for a start.

In order to get new coins, you just need to be active: viewing ads or in a game like Flappy Bird. However, play money can be bought for ordinary money.

You can buy emotions and gestures.

Every day offers quests, a street for dating and gifts.

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News of computer games, tips and secrets of games, a network for communication of players.


A social network created based on the animated series of the same name.
In the virtual world of Smeshariki, children can participate in gaming tournaments, watch cartoons, listen to audio tapes, communicate with other network members, search for friends and, with the help of favorite characters, find answers to any tricky Questions.
The rating of the most active users is maintained in the system, a forum is provided, and there is also a section for parents, which provides information on the correct upbringing and education of the child.