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Best Children's portals

  1. - Bonfire - Children's literature, books, poems about St. Petersburg, library, poetry, poems, birthday greetings, holiday scenarios.
  2. - Nachalka - Primary school - for children, parents, teachers.
  3. - Fun4child - Children's site for parents, child's development, health, fairy tales, poems, congratulations, English for children.
  4. - Class magazine - A modern interactive magazine for children of junior and middle school age (target audience of 7-11 years, boys and girls), has been published since 1999 and is one of the most popular children's weekly newspapers in Russia.
  5. - LizMult - All your favorite Soviet and foreign children's animations can be downloaded free of charge and without registration. In addition to the cartoons, you will find many educational materials for children.
  6. - children's lessons - Child development, developing games for children - Children's lessons - games, crafts, origami, applications.
  7. - Playroom - Children's playroom.
  8. - Baby joy - The site is fun and exciting entertainment in online mode for children, as well as a free service for placing and storing user information and organizing access to them.
  9. - Who Knows? - A site for children and their parents - developing activities, wall newspapers, crafts, presentations, didactic games, methodological developments.
  10. - Child's world - A huge amount of material for children: scanners, games, coloring books, fairy tales, comics, rebuses. And also information for parents.
  11. - Zorka - Children's newspaper №1 of Belarus. Children's stories and poems. Kindergarten, school. All about children's creativity, sports, leisure and education.
  12. - All Children - Songs, riddles, crafts, poems, entertaining puzzles, coloring, games, popular science - everything for children.
  13. - Lukoshko - Children's electronic library - folk and author's tales, poems and stories for children. Dictionary.
  14. - Coloring - Print coloring books and download decorations - cartoon characters, animal decorations, transport, nature.
  15. - game - Children's educational games, fun tasks, funny coloring pages, colorful puzzles, ingenious rebuses, interesting puzzles! This and much more is waiting for you at the children's play site Playing!
  16. - Sun - All about children, for children, for the family. Contests, games, cartoons, wall newspapers, scripts, fairy tales, parental experience.
  17. - Spas-Extreme - All about the 'child safety website' - Games, photo galleries, creativity, comics, stories and much more.
  18. - Murzilka - Children's magazine and site for children. Murzilka is children's verses and fairy tales, high-quality children's literature.
  19. - Gudgeon - Children's electronic library. A.P. Gaidar. Children's stories and tales.
  20. - Klepa - Portal for small and large, children and adults, schoolchildren and teachers.
  21. - Ship friends - Interesting and informative-cognitive site for children and adults.
  22. - ProZagadki - Here you will find cool and funny puzzles, as well as children's and adult puzzles.
  23. - Maroussia - Monthly colorful magazine only for girls. It is published since 1991. Fashion, beauty, love, psychological problems. Needlework, cooking, as well as the corporate contest 'Girl from the cover' and many tests, horoscopes.
  24. - Teremok - Children's games, coloring online, puzzles, cartoons. A lot of children's games have been collected in Teremka.
  25. - Chudesenka - Site for children and parents, interesting scenarios for holidays, children's songs and minus one, online flash games, child psychology, parents' school, riddles, children's horoscopes, creativity and coloring.


  1. - Carousel - To children.

Baby radio

The only radio station in Russia, broadcasting of which is entirely devoted to children.

The twenty-four-hour broadcast of the Children's Radio consists of children's songs, performances, educational and entertainment programs and headings, information and educational programs for parents.

The radio station takes into account the age features And the daily routine of the listeners: the morning block is addressed to preschool children, day programs are for children over seven years old, late at night - a block for parents, at night - music for sleep.

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Social network of teenagers, communication, competitions, photographs, individual interests. A site for girls, but also young people here can communicate.


A social network created based on the animated series of the same name.
In the virtual world of Smeshariki, children can participate in gaming tournaments, watch cartoons, listen to audio tapes, communicate with other network members, search for friends and, with the help of favorite characters, find answers to any tricky Questions.
The rating of the most active users is maintained in the system, a forum is provided, and there is also a section for parents, which provides information on the correct upbringing and education of the child.


The children's magazine and the site "Our Filippok" is a colorful cognitive publication for children from 6 to 12 years old.

The magazine helps children

  • broaden their common horizons, give them in an accessible form information on various fields of knowledge and, above all, aimed at the formation of universal values.
  • master the curriculum, provide a large practical material aimed at developing logical thinking, creative imagination of the child.

Magazine headings

  • Heroes of my country. The history of our Motherland and its heroes.
  • My Motherland is Russia. The heading tells about the structure of our state, about the great people who glorified our Motherland.
  • The life of wonderful people. Biography of famous people, athletes of the present and past centuries.
  • Competitions and quizzes. The opportunity to win prizes and gifts, participating in contests and quizzes from Philipp.
  • Who to be. The rubric helps the children to choose their future profession.
  • The history of ordinary things. Describes the structure of the things we are familiar with (when, from what and how they are made).
  • Space. The heading "Space" is a journey through the vast cosmic space.
  • Philippe Workshop. Development of creative abilities, handmade crafts.

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For kids

Site for children, parents and educators.

Useful materials for the development of children. Fairy tales online, children's songs, educational games, audio fairy tales for children and parents online.

address: Russia


What can I do on the children's website?
  • Color the pictures in the special "Coloring" section and print the result on the printer. Or, first, print the pictures, and then color them with pencils.
  • Test yourself - assemble the puzzle. Choose any picture, but remember that the more small details in it, the more difficult it is to assemble it. Begin with simple.
  • Participate in the "Festival of Drawings". Show your creativity to other children and wait for their feedback.
  • You can also see the work of other children and express your opinion.
  • Leave feedback about the site in the "Guestbook" section.



Directory of the best sites for children.
The goal, not to collect the maximum number of sites, rather the smallest, but only the best.

And of course all proposed sites must be clean and positive.
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has a constant interest in the project.

In addition to the usual catalog by subject, you can look only at new sites, op of the week or a random site.