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Buying a car

First of all, remember that the declared price does not necessarily correspond to reality.

  1. It may become outdated,
  2. There may be "pitfalls" (additional payments).
Contact the seller (this is the Internet) and specify the cost, be persistent, ask "how much do you ultimately have to pay", are there any additional payments, interest ...

Department Stores

  1. - Shopping Live - Department stores.


  1. - Utkonos - Food.

Store aggregator

  1. - Yandex.Goods - Yandex - search for products.

Yandex Market

Information-reference system for those who want to buy a product or service without losing any extra time and money.


  1. Yandex determines your geographical position and primarily issues the goods that are sold wherever you live.
  2. Large database.
  3. You do not like the price? - click "Learn about price reduction" and indicates the price that suits you.
  4. You can compare the prices of the selected products,
  5. product reviews and participate in discussions,
  6. technical specifications (without going to the manufacturer's website),
  7. look similar products.
Be sure to look at the reviews. If there is not enough feedback, then the site may turn out to be a seasonal one - it will pick up orders and close. Must be a lot and positive. By the way, Yandex skillfully filters the wrapping through reviews and blocks such shops. Each store has satisfied and not very satisfied customers. Read it yourself and choose.

Pay attention to the delivery, the goods can be cheaper, but the delivery is expensive. We will find out the final price, what will it ultimately cost us. There are shops that will not take anything for shipping to your city, like Connected for example.

A transaction for the purchase of goods and/Or services, information about which is posted on Yandex.Market, is carried out directly between the buyer and the relevant store. Yandex does not become an intermediary or an arbitrator.
However, now you can buy a lot through the site itself.

If you are registered in Yandex, the history of your purchases is saved.
If you are not registered, what's the matter? Be sure to register, Yandex services you will definitely need.

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reliable site

Owner: Sber

address: Russia


Searching for purchases from Rambler.
  1. We make a request,
  2. define the city (if we are not satisfied with the proposed system),
  3. wholesale or retail (by default),
  4. we can determine the price range, payment method, credit option ...
The idea of the portal - the search for the most profitable purchases among online stores.
In fact, they earn from the delivery of customers, so the search is not for all stores, but only for those who signed a contract with them.

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Google Shopping

Internet shop from Google.
Everything is simple, evident, nice. Studying this site is like shopping. Define the categories, subcategories, price range, vote for (love) or against (hate) the goods. In the meantime, Google is studying you, analyzing the taste of the buyer and advising you on the goods during the course of the business.
While this is a shop for women only.

We choose the product and get to the store of the seller. In fact, this is not a shop, but a search for goods.


The catalogue of goods and services of Russia.
109 000 online shops, 11 031 000 goods and 51 000 services of Russia with current prices.

Goods, from household items to complex industrial equipment.

Catalogue will help you choose a nanny for the child, it is interesting to organize leisure activities and even solve the most complex legal issues.

More than 5,000 rubrics will allow you to find any, even the rarest product.

In fact, it is a platform for meeting the seller and the buyer.
And in the future, the store has nothing to do with it. Delivery, payment, return of goods, all this you decide with the seller.
So, if you decide to use this resource, read reviews on them.



Search engine for prices of goods and services in Russia and regions.
Selection of goods by characteristics and price range.
Search by categories and cities.

Actually it is a platform for selling goods.
That is, here we do not buy anything, and compare prices and then go to the site where you can already buy a product.