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reliable site

Owner: Yahoo
address: USA

Yahoo! Answers

Paying tribute to the pioneers, we can not say about the service from Yahoo.
Unfortunately, this is not suitable for us as there is no Russian version. However, maybe you would like to ask a question in English, German ... or ask people in the west.

Ms. Chistota

The site helps a woman to become a real hostess.

However, the site will help the real owner. There are a lot of tips on how to clean silverware, how to get rid of the smell of sweat in shoes ...

You can ask a question yourself.

Actually this site will be useful also to bachelors who for certain face similar problems. They will also find smart tips ... well, or it's time to find a hostess.

Логотип сайта Яндекс.КьюЯндекс.Кью
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reliable site

Owner: Yandex
address: Russia

Yandex TheQuestion

Smart answers to your brilliant questions.

The questions of our users are answered by actors, scientists, researchers, designers, teachers, doctors, psychologists, lawyers.
There is an open community of people who are ready to critically reflect on the reality around them, to help each other, to share different views, to question their own beliefs, to learn new things and change for the better.

Any participant asks a question, and they are looking for those who will give the best answer. They are looking for people who are inspiring.
Object - so that each person can meet someone who is inspiring, curious about life and opens new opportunities for development.

Know how

Answers to all questions How ...?
- Daily electronic journal.

Every day the site publishes new articles-answers to all questions that begin with the words How ...? (For example: How to choose ...? How to do ...?). As of June 17, 2007, the site contains 1502 articles on the topics: How to choose?, Home and Family, Auto&Moto, Business and work, Entertainment, Love, How to do?, Computer, Internet, Miscellaneous, Sports, Children.


If there was a question on homework, we ask and receive a response from other participants. Questions are structured around school subjects.
What we know, we share and help. What we do not know is asking.
We help others more, get more points.
So everyone here is more interested in answering than asking. So the desire for knowledge grows.

There are rules on the site that I have not read and will never read, like almost all the participants.
The rules are probably longer than the military statute.
Well, in general, the site is very good and megapopular.

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Questions and answers, discussions.

Toxu positions itself as expert answers, where you can get a professional answer to any question.
Categories, tags, search. Personal cabinet, interest groups, awards, closed sections.

address: Russia


Questions and answers on repair and construction, free online expert advice.

The goal is to organize the conditions for the provision of quick advice, to create an environment for communication between construction experts and ordinary people who solve their everyday problems.

There are Experts - users are professionally connected with construction and are ready to provide advice (free or for a fee).

Micropay system between users. Everyone can thank the author of any answer or assign a prize for the best answer to a question.

The more active the user, the more opportunities he has to influence the life of the community.

The system of accumulation of reputation and receiving awards.
Filter the questions displayed to him by interest and geographic location.


Network for questions and answers.
But different from the usual ones, we ask our friends about them. You can ask anonymously, but you can refuse anonymous questions.
Millions of questions are asked each day in more than 40 languages.

How does it work?

We go into the application and get the questions our friends answered and the questions asked to us.

Here there is an instant addition of photos and hypho to the answer.

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