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  1. - Material Design Icons - 750 free icons from Google.
  2. - Icon Easy
  3. - Icon Fever
  4. - Icons ETC
  5. - IconsPedia
  6. - IconStick
  7. - Icon Sweets - 60 free vector icons for Photoshop.
  8. - Roundicons - Free doodle icons, classic icons …
  9. - DryIcons
  10. - Free Icons Download
  11. - Free Icons Web
  12. - Iconfactory


Symbols for certified participants.

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PayPal Logo Center online.

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Ego Icons

100 free beautiful icons in vector format.



Many icons, choose, click and choose the format in which to download: vector, PSD or just GIF.


Endless Icons

Free icons in GIF and SVG.


Free Flat Icons. You can take a piece or collections.

Flat Icon

A huge free collection of icons in the vector - more than 200 000.
Choose a collection, get the content on the screen, you can download only what you need or the entire collection.
H always the whole collection is placed on the page, it needs to be flipped, but if we want to download the entire collection and press 'Download Pack', then we download the whole collection, not just the contents of this page.
What I saw, did not see the filler, for quantity. All icons look stylish.

I usually look at the Facebook icons. Usually the letter A is centered, although in the logo on the right. Here as it is necessary and in social icons I see VK.
That is, the icons are stylish, expressive, quality, fresh.
There is something to choose from, there is a search.