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There are many hotkeys for almost all programs and no one needs to know everything. But if you use a program regularly (it can be a browser, office program, online mail or YouTube ...), for sure you often have to do the same not very convenient actions.
Just look at the list of proposed keyboard shortcuts and you will find at least a couple of keyboard shortcuts that will make your work more enjoyable.

Windows or other operating system

Surely you noticed that for example in Windows the shell programs are similar: in the right upper corner of the button - minimize, expand, close the window ... etc.
This is the Windows shell, because there are certain Windows keys common to all.

For example:

  1. Ctrl+E - open the explorer,
  2. Ctrl+C - copy,
  3. Ctrl+V - paste,
  4. F5 - refresh the page,
  5. Alt+F4 - Close the program (or turn off Windows if all programs are closed)
  6. Ctrl+P - Print.
Let's say my wife opened the document in PDF and wants to print it, but it does not work with Adobe Reader and where does it print? Ctrl+P in any program and you do not need to think.


Open the program menu and there you can often see the underlined letters of the menu items, usually the first letter.
For example, File is, so the combination Alt+F (sometimes Ctrl+F), Etc.

See the example on the picture.

Open the program menu and there it is often possible to see on the right the specified shortcuts for this menu item, if they are specified.

See the example on the picture.


I recommend buying only a classic keyboard and mouse. I somehow bought a mouse with additional buttons and it seemed to be more convenient, but there were problems working on another computer, there are always not enough buttons.

And in general, try to make the most of standard resources. Otherwise, reinstalled the system, bought a new computer, a new mouse, a new keyboard and again set up everything.

The same goes for programs where you can assign keyboard shortcuts yourself. We do this only where it really is needed.

Set your own combinations

There are programs that allow you to specify your keyboard shortcuts. For example, Photoshop or Notepad ++ ...

If, for example, office programs or a browser all use about the same way, then there are powerful editors that are used for very different tasks (Photoshop, Notepad ++ ...), where you can specify combinations for your purposes, which will greatly simplify life.

There are special programs that allow you to specify keyboard shortcuts for the system. I do not use them, because the system means more than enough, and then there can be confusion.

But here's a program that I really like - Punto Switcher, which allows you to do auto-replacement, which helps a lot.