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Help with the heraldry section

Doctrine, the science of coat of arms, heraldic art, and herbism. Auxiliary historical discipline, studying the symbols of the arms. Since the XIII century. The art of compiling noble, ecclesiastical and land coats of arms.

Often speaking Heraldry, have in mind the symbolism (arms and flags) of countries, cities, provinces, provinces, etc.

(nether. vlag from ger. Flagge)
Banner, cloth, monochrome or different colors, attached to the staff (usually with the emblems of the state or organization). The flag, posted on the mast or on the stern of the vessel, indicates its nationality.
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This is the best free collection of coats of arms and flags

Coats of arms were collected from free online sources and disks. With this approach, not all the coats of arms were of good quality, many were obsolete.

Black and white were painted. We searched for the best version for the low-quality coats of arms in any of the vector formats, then brought into line. If there was no high-quality vector copy, we digitized the bitmap.
A few coats of arms do not have a more or less decent source, because they are not of high quality.

Some countries distribute official coats of arms and flags in vector. In these cases, preference was given to official versions.

How many coats of arms do we have

We have proposed to the site
  1. Emblems and flags of all countries,
  2. Emblems of most capitals of countries, not all have flags,
  3. Emblems of all regions, territories and republics of Russia,
  4. Coats of arms of all US states,
  5. Emblems of many other cities, provinces, regions ...

Attitude to Heraldry in the World

Europe, especially Germany, Great Britain and France take symbols very seriously.
In these countries the coat of arms and the flag have not only all the cities, administrative regions, but also notable families.
Therefore, we have more and better quality of the arms and flags of European countries and the United States.

Asian countries and Africa do not see such importance in the arms, therefore there are capitals of countries that do not even have a coat of arms. In most cases, cities can have a coat of arms and do not have a flag.

Russia is between Europe and Asia, because the attitude towards heraldry is average. Almost all cities have a coat of arms (not always of good quality), but not all have a flag.