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Google Play

Android applications.
On the site you can download applications on a smartphone or tablet with Android.

In addition to a simple search, rating system and feedback that help you choose the best application, you can register on the website through your Google account.
You can bind several smartphones to one account - just log in through Google Play via your Google account.

Then you can search for applications through the computer, press the install button and it will be installed on your smartphone or tablet when they are On Internet.
Besides, not every the application can work with all smartphones or Android version. If the application does not fit on your smartphone or tablet, the ability to download will not be active.

You can download the application in other places on Internet, even to find paid for free. But .... Then you will need to update manually. It's better to download via Google Play and then you will be informed about updates or do it automatically. By the way, the best applications are free, and the paid ones are not expensive.

Create applications

By the way, Google allows not only download and buy applications, but also create oneself. You can also earn by selling or on built-in advertising.



Aptoide is the game-changing alternative Android app store.

With over 200 million users worldwide, over 6 billion downloads and 1 million apps, Aptoide gives a new meaning to the way we discover and install apps.

Through social collaboration, tailored recommendations and the opportunity to create and share your own store, Aptoide is revolutionizing app distribution.

Aptoide gives developers, OEMs, and telecommunication companies access to a fully customizable app store and a worldwide competitive revenue share model.



Catalog of games, programs and interface decorations for smartphones with Android, iOS and ...

Alternative to Google play and AppStore for your smartphones.

Here you can download applications for Android and iOS for free and direct links.

Ratings, discounts.