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Global Fishing Watch

More than 35 000 fishing vessels on the map. You can see where they are at what time of year. There is time for catching each fish species and place.
Now we will know the most fish places of the whole world!

And in fact, the main task of the site is to help identify poachers.
We are familiar with poachers who fish for themselves, eat and sell to someone.
But a much larger problem is posed by poaching on large ships, it drains the world's fish stocks. Here you can find these here.

Bathymetry is engaged in mapping the topography of the seabed and measuring the depth of the ocean with the echo sounder. One of the main goals of bathymetry is the exploration of hydrocarbon deposits.

Ocean Mapping Group of the University of New Brunswick created this map with bathymetry for the north of Canada. The map shows many layers of bathymetric data for this area. The layers have different colors. Each color indicates the depth of the ocean according to the color scale in the upper right corner of the map.

Global Forest Watch

Forests in real time. It is possible to see how much when it is cut down and cut down and how much is planted again.