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Many sites offer this service and you can select several of them, because the best in all indicators is not.
For example, speaking about accuracy, if you need a forecast for Russia, according to my observations, our servises were more accurate.
In addition, Western servises do not always give out temperature at Celsius, once in Fahrenheit.
Further we can choose according to design, convenience and which give out weather on those settlements which are necessary to me.
  1. - Yr - Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
Russian - Englesh

reliable site

address: Russia, St. Petersburg

Weather Schedule

Perhaps the most accurate weather forecast for Russia.

It is trusted by tourists and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, that is, people for whom the accuracy of weather reports is important.
The company has a license to operate in the field of hydrometeorology and related areas.

The website presents weather forecasts for the next six days and information about the actual weather observed at the ground stations.
The forecasts are prepared by the Met Office of Great Britain (Met Office) and made available on the site under a contract between the Met Office and Schedule Weather, LLC.
Actual weather information comes from the international exchange data server, NOAA, USA, in SYNOP and METAR formats.

The forecasts are fully updated on the site twice a day: by 05:30 and 17:30 UTC.
SYNOP data updates are provided eight times a day every three hours: as a rule, by 0:30, 3:30, 6:30, 9:30, 12:30, 15:30, 18:30 and 21:30 UTC.
Fresh observational data in METAR format are delivered to the site once or twice an hour, about 10 minutes after the weather observation at the weather station.



reliable site

address: Russia


The main site about the weather in Russia.
Of the cons I want to note is not a good design. Very similar to the site 10 years ago.
Of the pluses - the largest selection of settlements and the most correct forecast.

Of course, any weather forecast is not accurate, but here it does not lie like on Yandex,, The Rambler ...

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Weather forecast.

Source: Meteonews
The goal is to provide the most relevant information with the minimum of gestures.


The site identifies your city and immediately gives you the weather for it.
But if you need a forecast for another city, you can simply click on the city and change it.
You can get a link to your city and see the forecast wherever you are, for example - Kiev.

You can see the forecast by city.


Immediately we get the weather for now, today and a little lower - for the week.
You can see the forecast by the hour, for 2 weeks, a month and even a year.

It is clear that no weather service in the world will give more or less correct forecast for more than 3 days. It is simply not possible, there are too many components.

Let's say a year is not really a forecast, but the average temperature that you have during the year.


I like the design, stylish, visual, nothing superfluous, only convenience, that's why I use it.

For weather forecasting, Yandex uses data from ground-based weather stations, satellites and other sources, and takes into account factors such as terrain and proximity of water bodies. Information from meteorological stations, the company verifies 140,000 times a day with actual weather using the Matrixnet machine learning system - it finds recurring discrepancies and establishes regularities that allow us to refine calculations.

Meteum technology compiles a new weather forecast With each new user access to the service "Yandex.Pogoda." It works in the web version of the service, as well as in applications for Android and iOS.

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Owner: Sber
Used: OpenStreetMap.
address: Russia, Moscow


Similar, as on Yandex and but simplified design, it will be easier to download.
All of them take data from one source.
So we choose more convenient design and additional functions.

address: Russia


The main site is weather forecasts from Ukraine.

Stylish, lightweight design.
Weather around the world.


Artmeteo shows the weather forecast on the background of works of art.

Every day, millions of people do not go to exhibitions, performances, opera and ballet, because they do not know that it can be interesting. Every day, millions of people use meteo sites.

If you watch the weather on the site Artmeteo 2 times a day, then in a year you will see more than 700 paintings.

The site does not have an alphabetical index of authors and exhibits and search for them.

The goal is to interest the visitor in visual art.


Graphical look at the weather. Someone can see the forecast in graphs. So why in such a form it is not given?