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reliable site

Owner: BBC
address: United Kingdom

BBC Weather

The only site where I did not find a prediction for my city.

Weather Yahoo

Just try, maybe you will like it, but they use the forecasts of the main world site

You can see the weather on the map from the service Mapbox.

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The Weather Channel

The leading meteorological site in the world, owned by The Weather Channel.
This is a popular site that is constantly in the top-20 of the Nielsen/Net Ratings rating. There is no Russian version, but there is a choice of Fahrenheit-Celsius in the upper right corner.

You can specify your city in the Latin alphabet and get the result. By the way, I do not remember how many months ago I watched the weather here, but my search still retains my choice, although the cache and cookies were cleaned more than once. Nicely.

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Weather for a week in Russia and in the world

The base of cities currently has more than 228 thousand settlements around the world, above all 130 thousand cities, villages and villages of Russia.

All weather forecasts are calculated automatically using their own algorithms, based on weather data received from the NOAA center and are intended only for personal use. More information is provided in the user agreement.

The site contains forecasts for different periods of time: day, 3 days, week, 10 days, 14 days.

The weather for 7 days is calculated in 3-hour increments and is more accurate; from 8 to 14 days the weather is calculated in 12-hour increments.


The name of the service can be translated as 'exact weather'. So they are trying to give the most accurate forecast around the world, that's why they use hundreds of millions around the world. Content:
  1. Current weather observations
  2. Weather forecasts and details
  3. Local/short-term outlook
  4. Animated images from radars and satellites
  5. Videos
  6. More
  7. Content depends on location.

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