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The service of digital distribution of computer games and programs owned by Valve.
There is a Russian language, only 21 languages.

The advantage of this service is the ability to play online yourself and with friends.


  • buying games at a reasonable price;
  • communication with friends;
  • Playing with friends online;
  • the opportunity to join the clan;
  • download the games and their demos;
  • The Steam Cloud function stores data on the server on Internet (personal settings, keyboard and mouse settings, multiplayer game logs, save files) and you can continue your game on another computer,
  • ease in Updating of programs - while there is an update, the program will not be available; You can update when you want, if you want, it is not necessary for games on the computer, but for online games, the update is mandatory so that everyone has one version.

Operating system

Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/PlayStation 3/Android/iOS