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The forum offers a set of sections for discussion. The work of the forum is to create topics for users in sections and subsequent discussion within these topics. A separate topic, in fact, is a thematic guest book.

Forums can be public - where random visitors can participate, sometimes only with the requirement of pre-registration. In closed forums only a certain number of people participate in the forum. Access can be limited not only to the creation of new messages (i.e. participation), but also to viewing forum sections and reading messages.

Currently, web forums have almost completely supplanted news groups based on NNTP and are the most popular way of discussing issues on the World Wide Web.


People participate for different reasons. Someone from loneliness, someone likes to chat, someone to argue. Someone comes for advice, someone likes to help with advice.

Forum functions

Once the forum is starting to raise traffic to the site. Once it was part of the site, and once the whole site. The forum should be conducted, today it is quite difficult to promote the forum.