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  1. forum.ixbt.com - iXBT - iXBT portal forums
  2. yurclub.ru - YurClub - A popular forum for lawyers.
  3. domenforum.net - Forum about domains - Buying, selling, free domain evaluation, domain name auction.
  4. softtime.ru/forum/ - SoftTime - The authoritative forum for web programmers
  5. forum.websound.ru/ - WebSound - Excellent sound production and information forum

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  1. russianitaly.com - Russian Italy - Forum of Russian compatriots in Italy.


The first Russian-language resource about search engines and Internet marketing. The largest forum on search marketing.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Google
address: USA, Mountain View, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, 94043

Google Groups

This is a free service that gives users new opportunities to communicate with each other and access information via e-mail and Internet.

address: Russia


Forum of programmers, system administrators, database administrators, computer forum, forum on electronics and home appliances, discussion of software.

Free assistance in solving problems of programming, mathematics, physics and other sciences, solving problems with computer, operating systems.

Forum professional and novice programmers.


Online Community and Workplace for Language Professionals.
Over 1,038,460 professional translators and translation companies.

The essence is very simple - help with translation, and sometimes with translation work.

Russian - Englesh
address: Canada


The site of translators and translation agencies.

Chat with translators from different countries. Offer your services to registered translation agencies. Use useful linguistic resources.

Discuss the problems of the translation industry with other translators.