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Mail form generator for PHP

A couple of words about the features of the postal form in PHP.

The undoubted plus of PHP is that the file is processed on the server, not to the computer visitor of the site.
The main problem of postal forms is Russian encodings. It is connected by differences in mail programs. We do not know which mail program the visitor uses, especially about its settings.
In PHP, processing is completely independent of the browser, the mail program and their settings, which means it's reliable.

And this means that we need to create 2 files:

  1. the actual form of sending, which the visitor of our site sees and fills,
  2. mail processing file.
Another plus, the visitor does not see your email address. In addition, in our form, your address will not be in clear form, to protect yourself from spamming robots.
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email to which the letter will be sent

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