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Captcha online

(completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart)
Usually this is a distorted text in a picture that a robot can not recognize.
A person can easily see and type text into a form, proving that he is not a robot.

Google reCAPTCHA

You can use Google Captcha for free for your mail form or where you need it.
Before Google did a good captcha, but now it has become generally super.
If before you had to enter the proposed text into the form, which was not just a random set of symbols, but similar to a word or a real word, then now there is NOT ANYTHING TO INTRODUCE.
Has come, I saw, I clicked and all!
How do they find out that this is a person? I do not think that we will understand until the end, and do not. The main thing is that it is convenient for the visitor and us.


This site offers free and paid versions of captcha.
Free version - up to 25,000 items per month.
The paid one has additional security tools (which are not necessary for the usual website owner), for example, if the form is filled too quickly, P..