Charts on the website


Animated graphics (service purchased by Google).

GapMinder works like this. It loads figures, facts - the site builds on their basis animated graphics. Like the "film" about income and life expectancy in the countries of the world since 1800. Thanks to GapMinder evangelist, Professor Hans Rosling, he became the visiting card of the project (see his TED-lecture).

The user content has only a small part on the site. The editorial staff downloads tons of statistics from a variety of databases, from the International Bank and the UN to the CIA. All the data can be compared and discovered the relationships between the most incredible processes.


Rather, a tool for a professional, though with all his might, pretends to be an accessible and inexperienced user. In principle, if you know English and do not fear the abbreviations CSV or XML, it really is within the power of a person without a higher programming education. AmCharts is a program and a set of libraries, they are downloaded for free, Internet will not be required to create the charts - only the browser and Flash Player 8. The site has detailed documentation. As a reward, the user receives interactive infographics of unprecedented beauty.


About the same, only easier, without registration. The user has all the standard charts. Specify the data and customize the appearance - get a diagram and code to insert on the site or blog. Cyrillic is supported.