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About Character Codes for HTML

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robably everyone has already encountered with text like RІRμSЂRЅRѕRμ SѓR¶Rμ RєR ° R¶RґS R№ SЃS, . This indicates an error with the encoding.

How to solve?

There are special HTML codes that will allow all the characters to be displayed correctly almost anywhere.
Why almost? - Everywhere there are "craftsmen" who set up the system, encoding, and fonts. But this is a very rare exception.

Also, I recommend always using UTF-8 encoding on the site, if you do not already. This is a new encoding that includes most alphabets and characters. It has long dominated and its popularity continues to grow.

Use known system fonts on the site like Arial, Times, Courier ... which are almost everywhere, which means they will be correctly displayed, because UNICODE, and therefore contain most alphabets.

Of course, you can attach fonts to the site, for example. From Google Fonts, but do it carefully. It is better to use such fonts only for names.

Left Mail

A number of languages, for example Hebrew, Arabic ... are written from right to left, such a feature. And each program solves this question in its own way.
For example, in Notepad ++ we have the text from left to right, because it's more natural, we print the first letter of the word, and not vice versa. When you view the site, the text will turn over and will be as it should be.
There is also its inconvenience, if you type text more conveniently, then there is no editing. Delete the first character of the line, and delete the last character.

Akelpad also shows all the characters exactly as they are located. Dial is not very convenient, but it's more convenient to edit.

Just worth a small piece of text to type and see the result in the browser.