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News sites

There are many so-called news sites. News they are called, because there anyone can add something to download, and therefore they are constantly updated. You can download: Wallpapers, clipart, large icon collections, music, scripts, fonts ... not by the piece, but by large archives.

They are also called infotainment or warez sites, because they are the distributors of pirated programs.


Why do we think that without selling vodka and cigarettes, you will not earn money.
Also, many people believe that you can earn more on pirated programs, generally on stolen and on pornography.

In fact, everything looks the other way around. Such material is often blocked to the sites of file sharing, because it does not live long. As a result, you upload more there than people download. The same goes for websites stuffed with explicit pornography. They usually do not live long. In addition, many people avoid such sites, they are worse indexed by Google. It's better to choose decent sites, upload your material on them and live peacefully.

Usually these files are downloaded through file sharing (eg Depositfiles, Letitbit, SMSFiles, VIP-file) and offers 2-4 links to the selection.

These sites grow like mushrooms after the rain, because often there are new ones, and the old ones cease to exist. Many are built on the same engine, because they are very similar, similar and content, because they are all somewhere the same and clearly the best among them do not stand out.

List of news sites

I chose from more than 500 sites.
The most decent, without intrusive pop-up advertising and frank porn were chosen.
Such a site will last longer, yes and you can safely check in front of any person.