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Online clothing store.
Also has issuing points in many Russian cities.
  1. We order a couple of sizes of clothes to measure and then choose what will suit.
  2. upon arrival of the goods we visit the issuance point, in which there is a fitting room, as in the store,
  3. measure clothes, if it suits us, we pay.
It is possible and will receive an order for a house. Everything will be the same: payment after fitting. The truth will have to pay for the delivery.

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The leading store Runet.
Also, like Amazon, began with the sale of books, now the range has greatly expanded.

Big number of goods, law price and fast delivery.
All this puts the shop in first position.


You can pay for the purchase almost all means of payments in the runet:
  1. cash on delivery,
  2. courier,
  3. cashless payment,
  4. postal order,
  5. bank transfer,
  6. with a plastic card,
  7. WebMoney, ЮMoney,
  8. QIWI terminal.

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Internet-shop Messenger.
Better value for money.

The network of cellular shops has an online store. Here and there are advantages.
The stores sell cell phones, tablets, netbooks, cameras and so on. And this is all in a limited assortment, the stores are small.

The site has a wider range of products. I bought a monitor, friends laptop. And inexpensive. It was here that I found something that I need and much cheaper than in other places.
I ordered it in a week or two to bring it to the Svyaznoy store, which you indicate (I pointed it out from the house, because we have several in the city).
When the goods were delivered, they called me. We come, we check, if we are satisfied, then we pay and take back.

So, it's convenient for them and you.

By the way, somehow I went to the store and there was not a camera I needed. I made an order in the store, a couple of days later I saw such a camera in another city, also in Svyaznoy. He called, asked if it was possible to refuse the goods, because he was already going to them. They answered me - no problem. They will sell it anyway, but I bought them all in their network.

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The online platform for finding products from 300 online stores in electronic and home appliances catalogs, household goods, construction and repair, children's products and many others.We are looking for the most favorable prices.
Regular customers bonuses.

Through this site you can arrange the purchase and delivery of goods.

While working in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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This is not the most famous bookstore, but I put it first because of the convenience of delivery.
More than 200,000 titles daily and 1,000 new products every week!
The fact is that a chain of 500 stores in 250 cities of Russia and you will get the book not through mail, but in your store, which is much cheaper. If on other services I paid for shipping more than 200 rubles (which makes ordering less than 3 books not cost-effective), then for the delivery through the store - 10 rubles per book.

How we work

  1. We go to the site and choose books,
  2. you can register immediately, or you can choose after books,
  3. when you have selected books and registered, we make out an order. When registering, we indicate the form of dispatch: by mail or in the shop.
  4. We receive SMS that the book has come,
  5. go to the store, get and pay.
And for shipping you pay a minimum of three times cheaper than by mail. If at ordering by mail it is profitable to order at least 3 books, then it is profitable to buy one book at delivery through the store.

The site itself is decent and understandable. Large selection of books. If the book is not in stock, you will be notified by mail or via SMS. To do this, you do not need to register, you just need to press a button and enter the cell number or email.


You can call the number 8-800-200-2665 or you can chat with a consultant for free.

If you cancel the order, it's okay, the book just stays in the store and someone buys it.